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Category: Entry Strategy

Annual Meeting SUSTA 2018 & Foreign Market Seminar in Maryland

26 Nov - 30 Nov '18

Phaff Export Marketing, the in-country consultant of Europe, presented the latest export opportunities for American Food Exporters of the SUSTA region.

Exporters training in the USA

19 Nov - 21 Nov '19

Victor and Rosanne will go to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the give a practical export training to starting US exporters, during the annual meeting of SUSTA.

Phaff Export Marketing sponsors PUM

28 Oct - 1 Nov '19

For PUM Netherlands senior experts (PUM), Victor Phaff visited farmers in Kenya.

Presentations about exporting to EU from Atlantic Canada

9 Sep - 12 Sep '19

To inform companies in Atlantic Canada about exporting to Europe, Victor Phaff traveled to Atlantic Canada and gave several presentations.

Seminar about the Agro Food Sector in Uzbekistan

11-12 2018

Phaff Export Marketinge organized a seminar about developments and opportunities in the Agro-Food sector of Uzbekistan.

Seminar about the Fruit Chain in Russia and Kazakhstan

11-12 2018

Phaff Export Marketing organized a seminar on the Fruit Chain in Russia and Kazakhstan.