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In-store promotion in Scandinavian retail stores

in-store promotion scandinavia

Phaff Export Marketing is organizing an in-store promotion in Scandinavia. This in-store promotion will take place in several stores of one of the main retail chains in Scandinavia. In cooperation with an importer, based in Sweden, we will prepare and execute this activity.


The in-store promotion in Scandinavia will contain in-store sampling events, demonstrations, and tastings.

For this promotion, the packaging of the products will be adjusted to the EU regulations. Recipe cards will be created, and an advertisement and social media campaign will be started.

Phaff Export Marketing works together with an importer which is based in Sweden. The importer will assist in the activities that are included in this activity.

Objectives for the in-store promotion

The goal of organizing this activity is to increase awareness of Southern United States food products on the Scandinavian market. Besides, this activity will secure shelf space for new products and generate sales results, which will create long-term demand for specialty food products for the Southern United States.

Sourcing products for the promotion

To source products that will be included in an in-store promotion, Phaff Export Marketing will normally travel to the place the products come from, together with a selected buyer.

However, due to the global outbreak of COVID-19, the team that is working on this activity is now having virtual meetings. During these virtual meetings, the importer and the exporter discuss the possibilities. If the importer still is interested, the exporter will send some samples.

Please contact one of the Phaff Export Marketing-consultants if you are also interested in organizing an activity like this.

Project details

Start date
December 1, 2020
End date
December 31, 2020



Stockholm, Sweden

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