New Brunswick Seafood Celebration Box

We celebrated New Brunswick Seafood! Part of this activity was the beautiful products from New Brunswick, the products were sent to those that were interested in a New Brunswick Seafood Celebration Box.

In the box, you could find the finest seafood products from New Brunswick prepared into delicious dishes. Prepared by the Dutch star chef Edwin Soumang of Restaurant ONE in collaboration with chef Chris Aerni of the famous Restaurant Rossmount Inn in New Brunswick.

The New Brunswick Seafood Celebration Box was for 2 persons and was delivered on April 29, 2021. The ready meals only need to be reheated or can be eaten cold. And then it is time to enjoy all the beauty that New Brunswick has to offer.

A limited number of boxes was available.

New Brunswick seafood, Atlantic Canada's Best!

Located halfway between the equator and the north pole on Canada’s stunning east coast, New Brunswick is punctuated by old seafaring towns, villages, and islands. Fishing has been a part of this maritime province’s story since the beginning and traditions of sustainably harvesting the rich fisheries of the Atlantic Ocean continue on today. The small province’s unique microclimates provide the perfect merroir for diverse and nutritious fisheries to thrive.

Boasting the highest tidal range in the world, New Brunswick’s Bay of Fundy is one of the 7 Natural Wonders of North America. Twice a day, huge tides refresh the bay with frigid Atlantic waters, creating the perfect environment to farm fish, especially Atlantic Salmon, in an environmentally sustainable way.

New Brunswick’s oysters are grown at the northernmost limit for this species where the water is cold and very clean, resulting in some of the safest oysters on the planet. When stored under appropriate conditions, New Brunswick oysters have a shelf life of more than 35 days, which is nearly 4 times longer than oysters grown elsewhere.

North of the Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick’s coastlines meet the Northumberland Strait. Although just a short drive away, these waters contrast the chilly Fundy cliffs. With kilometers of powdery white sand and the warmest waters in Canada, the Northumberland Strait provides the perfect microclimate for shellfish fisheries like lobster and snow crab. The fine sand and gentle tides yield smooth, beautiful shellfish, unmarked by rough seas and rocks. The waters are just warm enough for shellfish to thrive, yet cold enough to maximize the flavor and shelf life of these delicacies.

Thanks to innovative and resilient generations of lobster fisheries in the province, New Brunswick is the largest lobster processor in the world, representing more than half of the global supply of frozen lobster. The small province’s rural, coastal, and Indigenous communities operate several cutting-edge processing plants.

Looking for New Brunswick companies

Some of New Brunswick's top commodities include lobster, Atlantic salmon, snow crab, herring, coldwater shrimp, and oysters.

New Brunswick companies ship their freshly harvested, diverse, and innovative products to over 70 countries, including the Netherlands and Belgium.

You’re invited to contact New Brunswick seafood companies through the New Brunswick Food Export's digital business directory or by reaching out to Agnes Huetink of Phaff Export Marketing, European Consultant New Brunswick Department of Agriculture, Aquaculture & Fisheries, by email or phone +31 36 7607100.