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SUSTA pavilion at the GastroNord 2020 in Stockholm

Phaff Export Marketing will realize the first SUSTA pavilion at the GastroNord in Stockholm, Sweden.

As the largest country in the Nordic region and with a population totaling almost ten million, Sweden relies heavily on imports due to the severe winters and short growing season. The United States is the second largest non-EU supplier. In 2018, the Southern region exported over $16.5 million USD in beverages, $3.0 million in edible food preparations, and lesser amounts of prepared fruits and vegetables, coffee, tea and spices, seafood, cereals and edible fruits and nuts.

First introduced in 1985, GastroNord has become one of the most important meeting spaces for products and businesses interested in entering the hotel, restaurant and catering industry. The 2018 GastroNord show had over 18,000 visitors!

If you would like to receive more information about the SUSTA pavilion, or if you would like to meet one or more of the SUSTA exhibitors, please contact Anouk Dijkgraaf.

Project details

Start date 21 March, 2020
End date 2 April, 2020


Stockholm, Sweden

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