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Trade mission to Virginia and Summer Fancy Food Show

Phaff Export Marketing invites European buyers to a SUSTA trade mission to Virginia and the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York City. Together with the buyers, Phaff Export Marketing will travel to the US.

For this mission, Phaff Export Marketing is selecting, in collaboration with SUSTA, 8 European buyers. These buyers will join the trade mission to Virginia and the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York City. The organization of this mission, to Virginia and the Summer Fancy Food Show, is commissioned by SUSTA.

Phaff Export Marketing is organizing a trade mission for SUSTA to the Summer Fancy Food Show for already ten years!

This mission will take place from the 23rd of June 2020 until the 29th of June 2020.

The program is trade-oriented in Virginia and New York, with a focus on typical quality American processed food items, like Artisanal, Beverages, Cocktail Drink Mixes, Condiments, GMO and Glutenā€free, Ethnic foods, Frozen Desserts, and Entrees, Organic and Natural, Nut Butters, Sauces, healthy snacks, bakery products, etc.

Visting the Summer Fancy Food Show will be part of the program. This Summer Fancy Food Show in New York City has been the largest specialty food show in North America since 1952 and invites buyers and exhibitors from all over the world. In 2018, more than 47,000 specialty food professionals attended the Summer Fancy Food Show to see over 2,600 exhibitors from over 54 countries with more than 200,000 specialty food products on display. (More information:

One-on-one meetings and retail visits will be included in the program.

Are you interested in joining this trade mission? Please do not hesitate to contact Rosanne Phaff or Anouk Dijkgraaf.

The Southern United States Trade Association (SUSTA) is a non-profit organization that facilitates trade between small to medium-sized southern US companies and overseas importers. Since 1973, SUSTA has worked with the Departments of Agriculture of the 14 southern states and Puerto Rico to promote the export of high-value food and agricultural products.

As Phaff Export Marketing is aware, the outbreak of the Corona Virus has become pandemic with security measures announced worldwide. The Phaff Export Marketing-team will take these precautions very seriously, and carefully monitors developments around the Corona Virus (COVID-19). Safety is the top priority for Phaff Export Marketing and all of the activities.

In regards to this upcoming activity, the team monitors the situation closely and keeps all parties involved informed. The team is working closely with all parties involved and will actively communicate any changes that could impact this activity as soon as possible (e.g. cancelation, or postponement). The team remains committed to keeping you well-informed as the situation develops.