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Phaff Export Marketing was established in 1991 by Victor Phaff, starting as a consultancy in export promotion for the food and agribusiness. Before the start of his own company, Victor worked for the Dutch Potato and Onion Marketing Board as a marketing manager which grew his passion for the promotion of agricultural products.

Conquering the 'polder'

After a few years, Victor was asked the become the marketing director for a big French fries factory in the Polder of the Netherlands, “The New Land”. After his adventure at the potato factory, Victor decided to start his own company in marketing for agricultural products. Not long after, international clients came on board and this resulted in the export marketing part of the company. Phaff Export Marketing was founded!

Worldwide export experience

Almost half a decade later, Phaff Export Marketing has moved closer to Amsterdam (Almere, NL) and we have acquired a fixed staff of enthusiastic professionals. At Phaff Export Marketing we have a ‘hands-on’ mentality and all our team members know what it means to export or produce agricultural products. So far, we have realized many successful trade missions and product introductions in the EU market.

Export support is our core business, with the European Union as our home market. We work for governments, export boards as well as private production companies. We have built an impressive network with buyer contacts in the retail, import-export trade, food processing, and food service. What do we do? We make sure that our clients connect with the right buyers and markets.