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Pioneers in international business

Consultants in Export Promotion for Food & Agriculture

We are Phaff Export Marketing

We support professionals and organizations to achieve their export marketing goals with a time-tested and tailor-made approach. Our hands-on team has worked with private companies, governments and export boards with a unique approach.

Connecting the world of Food & Agriculture since 1991

From trade missions and trade shows, to product introductions, training and research. We are excited to work with you on the next step of your export marketing strategy!


Due to the global outbreak of COVID-19, worldwide security measures are currently in place. Safety is the top priority of Phaff Export Marketing for all of our activities.

As such, some of our events have been postponed. We will keep the involved parties informed about any new developments.

Upcoming projects

Nov 30 - Dec 4 '20
Food & Beverage EU Virtual B2B

F&B EU Virtual B2B and Showcase Event by Food & Beverage Atlantic

Dec 1 - Dec 31 '20
in-store promotion scandinavia

In-store promotion in Scandinavian retail stores

Dec 1 - Dec 31 '20

In-store promotion of US food in Spain

Dec 1 - Jun 8 '20
Netherlands Pavilion Virtual AgroExpo Uzbekistan

Netherlands Pavilion Virtual AgroExpo Uzbekistan

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