For Pulse Canada, we are organizing activities to promote Canadian Lentils in the Netherlands.

About Pulse Canada

Pulse Canada is the national association representing growers, traders and processors of Canadian pulses (dry peas, beans, lentils, faba beans and chickpeas). Canada is the largest exporter of lentils globally and is actively looking to diversify its markets for lentils. The pulse industry has led several initiatives in recent years to encourage the adoption of lentils and lentil ingredients in processed foods and foodservice, particularly in North America.

What are lentils?

Lentils are a type of pulse, along with beans, field peas, chickpeas, and faba beans. The term “pulse” is used to describe the edible seeds of legumes.

Lentils come in a variety of sizes ranging from extra-small to large. The most commonly found lentils on grocery store shelves are large green lentils, red and split red lentils. Split lentils have had their seed coat removed and the inner part of the lentil, known as the cotyledon, has been split in half. Split lentils cook much faster than whole lentils and are excellent for use in curries, as a thickener in soups, and for purees, whereas whole lentils tend to work better in salads or other applications where texture is desired. Lesser common varieties of lentils also include black Beluga lentils, and French green lentils.

Lentils are healthy, versatile and nutritious, a high-protein food which positively benefit the sustainability of food systems and taste great.


During the activities organized, Phaff Export Marketing promotes Canadian lentils among the non-commercial foodservice segment in the Netherlands.

This will be done by giving presentations, workshops and trainings sessions to inform, educate and inspire foodservice operators about the versatility of Lentils.

The goal is that these promotions lead to increased usage and consumption of lentils and menu implementation.

More information?

Are you interested in receiving more information about this promotional campaign? Please do not hesitate to contact Inge Lankes of Phaff Export Marketing via,
or +31 36 760 7100.