Connecting the world of food and agriculture

Being raised in a family of entrepreneurs combined with an MSc in Marketing Management at Nyenrode Business University, I found my passion in connecting marketing with the food and agriculture sector. Since 2022, I am the owner of Phaff Export Marketing.

At Phaff Export Marketing we excel in matchmaking. We believe the right connection will enable exporting entrepreneurs to accelerate their business internationally. Through our extensive network and knowledge of the international markets, we can help businesses worldwide to achieve their desired global expansion.

At Phaff Export Marketing our priority is to bring the right parties to the table, saving you the trouble of doing all the groundwork yourself, so you can focus on finding the right partner.

I enjoy building and expanding my network personally. Personal and warm contacts ensure ‘awarding’ from both sides and create opportunities, knowledge sharing, and (personal) growth. I have a large network of F&B buyers, embassies and knowledge institutes throughout Europe.

I would define my personal specializations as the 3 M’s:

  • Matchmaking
  • Market Research
  • Marketing insights and strategy