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You have made the big decision to start exporting your product, but where do you start? We can assist you with a great entry strategy!

Find the right market

The primary challenge before exporting your product is determining the market in which to start. For seasoned businesses, the challenge lies in selecting a new market for expansion.

You are probably seeking a market that aligns well with your product, making it a strategically profitable next move. This is where our expertise comes into play.

How our entry strategy works

Phaff Export Marketing specializes in assisting companies in developing an entry strategy plan for exporting their products. Typically, we initiate the process with a quick scan to swiftly assess the target market.

Each quick scan is tailored to focus on one of your products for a specific market. This allows you to make a more informed decision regarding the suitability of the targeted market.

In-depth market research

For those seeking insights into a particular market beyond what a quick scan offers, our extensive in-depth market research is available. This involves evaluating multiple products across various markets, enabling you to make well-founded decisions.

Following this, we conduct an analysis to ensure your product complies with the latest regulations regarding ingredients, labeling, and packaging. Additionally, we provide recommendations and guidance based on the research to support your export plans.

Entry strategy consists of

  • Quick scan or market research
  • Selection of target country & market
  • Exploration of latest trends
  • Ingredient and labeling check
  • Packaging recommendations
  • General advice and suggestions for the next steps

Why Phaff Export Marketing?

Our team stays up-to-date on the latest trends to ensure that we are consistently well-informed about the current status of the global market. Wherever we travel, we make it a point to visit regional supermarkets to observe available products and local consumer behavior.

Crucially, we have a wide network of product experts across numerous markets who provide us with specific information.

Interested in this service?

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    Trade Missions

    Trade missions are the perfect opportunity to discover new markets in new countries to add to your export strategy.

    Trade Shows

    Phaff Export Marketing is present on trade shows around the world where we deliver high-quality country pavilions with tailor-made turnkey presentations.


    We have worked hard to make our matchmaking into one of the most desired and successful services to connect buyers with new markets.

    Product Demos

    Phaff Export Marketing organizes product demonstrations to let the crowd experience your product first-hand!