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Phaff Export Marketing organizes trade missions aimed at effectively introducing food and agricultural products on a global scale. These mission offer participants the opportunity to familiarize themselves with new markets, showcase their products, and get valuable connections. Additionally, trade missions can be integrated with trade fairs or company visits.

Businesses benefit from trade missions in various ways, including gaining market insights, fostering networking opportunities, promoting their products, receiving market entry support, and engaging in matchmaking activities.

The goals of a trade mission

The objectives of a trade mission often involve our matchmaking service, where participants are paired with buyers based on their profiles. By the mission’s end, attendees typically have a good understanding of the market and established promising new contacts.

Each trade mission starts with a kick-off meeting, providing insights into the market’s challenges, opportunities, and logistical aspects. We ensure participants are equipped to refine their export strategies for future endeavors after the trade mission. While we facilitate market entry and networking during the mission, diligent follow-up with contacts after the trade mission is just as important!

In summary, our trade missions offer businesses a streamlined approach to explore new markets, expand networks, and advance international growth.

How do trade missions work?

At Phaff Export Marketing, we organize two kinds of trade missions: incoming and outgoing missions. Incoming missions consist of delegations that visit a specific country. With outgoing missions, we organize delegations from one country to visit another country. Both types of missions are group activities.

All trade missions organized by Phaff Export Marketing are tailor-made to align with the needs, objectives, and desires of our clients.

Typically, trade missions involve around fifteen participating companies. The level of exporting experience among participants and per trade mission varies, ranging from newcomers to seasoned veterans of the trade.

We place great importance on this blend of diverse experiences, as it creates a fruitful networking environment for participants to get insights from one another and potentially initiate collaborations.

Trade mission activities

  • Kick-off meeting on the evening of arrival
  • Store checks
  • Matchmaking sessions
  • Network reception
  • Company visits
  • Visit a tradeshow

Why Phaff Export Marketing?

A trade mission presents an ideal chance to enter a new market, while also forging new connections within the delegation. With over 30 years of international experience, Phaff Export Marketing has a global network of contacts.

Each trade mission is hosted by a Phaff Export Marketing team member who is ready to offer support or address sector-specific inquiries.

Trade missions serve as a proven strategy for market entry!

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