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Introducing your product to a mature market, such as Europe, can be challenging. Are you ready for the next step?

Phaff Export Marketing arranges product demonstrations to allow the audience to experience your product firsthand! These demonstrations are ofter coordination by a consortium of companies with complementary products that strengthen one another. Alternatively, it is also feasible to conduct a product demonstration as an individual company.

Live product demos

these product demonstrations or “tastings” take place in a venue equipped with a professional chef and an open kitchen. Here, your product’s dishes are prepared for the audience, offering the chance to taste the creations right away.

During most product demonstrations, guests are encouraged to actively participate. They are invited to assist the chef in preparing the dishes, allowing them to experience the products firsthand and learn the optimal preparation techniques. The presence of a supplier at these events is crucial, as they are the storytellers and experts of their product!

During these events we invite

  • Buyers
  • Chefs
  • Journalists (online and offline)
  • Bloggers and vloggers
  • Other good matches for the products

Quality support

Phaff Export Marketing can take care of all aspects of a product demonstration, including logistics, sample shipments, and the promotion around the event. All activities are tailor-made, to align with the objectives of our clients.

During the activity team is always available to provide guidance and assistance whenever needed. Following the event, guests depart feeling inspired, equipped with a goodie bag containing all the essential information and a small gift.

In the days and weeks that follow, we diligently monitor and analyze responses, articles, and social media actively related to your product. Throughout this period, we remain available to address any inquiries from guests. These events mark your initial steps into the public sphere, and ideally, the generate buzz around your product in the markets.

Why Phaff Export Marketing?

The Phaff Export Marketing team has extensive experience in organizing tasting events and product demonstrations. Moreover, we leverage our robust network of food professionals to amplify interest in your product. We have a broad network in the foodservice industry and our guests always score our tasting events really high!

Interested in this service?

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