This instore promotion, scheduled for September 2021, is promoting US craft beer in Denmark. The activity is commissioned by the Southern United States Trade Association (SUSTA).


SUSTA helps small to medium-sized companies with their first steps into new export markets. Together with the Departments of Agriculture and the 14 southern states and Puerto Rico, SUSTA promotes the export of high-value food and agricultural products.

Danish craft beer market

The alcoholic beverage market in Europe is one of the largest in the world. The European market's interest in special American craft beer is increasing.

For this activity, Denmark is chosen as the host country.

Although Denmark is a small market in the European Union, Denmark offers export opportunities for US exporters, including beer. After Germany, Belgium, and Sweden, the US is the fourth-largest supplier of foreign beer to the Danish market. There is a strong demand for specialty craft beers from microbreweries and non-alcoholic beers. Besides, there is a strong interest among consumers in trying new products and varieties, which has led to increasing consumption of craft beer. The value of the market is growing as consumers increasingly want to drink craft beer.

One Pint

Together with a local partner, Phaff Export Marketing will realize the instore promotion. One Pint imports, distributes, and exports quality beer. One Pint is an important supplier to anyone who loves a testing experience and good quality.

Craft beer promotion

This activity will be organized to promote US craft beer in Denmark. The aim is to increase awareness of Southern US craft beers on the Danish market, secure shelf space for new products from the SUSTA region for the Danish market, and generate sale results. Besides, the aim is to create long-term demand for craft beers from the SUSTA region.

This instore promotion will include tasting promotions in stores across Denmark.

Besides, all stores will get SUSTA branded shelfs, to display the included US craft beers.

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