Phaff Export Marketing organized a virtual food trade mission "from" Ukraine to the Netherlands. During this virtual trade mission, Ukrainian food exporters had online one-on-one meetings with Dutch importers.

Virtual food trade mission Ukraine

This trade mission did take place from the 21st of September until the 24th of September. A total of 10 Ukrainian exporters joined this virtual trade mission.

The meetings did take place virtually. In this way, the Ukrainian exporters can still meet with Dutch buyers.

Part of this trade mission are:

  • A preparation webinar two weeks before the mission, with information about the market;
  • A preparation webinar, including information about how to do business with Dutch AgriFood buyers;
  • Three mission days, with the B2B matchmaking sessions.

This trade mission is organized in cooperation with the Ukraine Investment & Trade Facilitation Center (ITFC) and the Export Promotion office of Ukraine.

Goals of the mission

The main goal of this trade mission was, for the Ukrainian exporters to meet new contacts in the Netherlands. Besides, the Ukrainian exporters gained knowledge about the Dutch market.

The Ukrainian exporters gained knowledge during the following activities:

  • A webinar, a few weeks prior to the mission. During this webinar, Phaff Export Marketing informed the Ukrainian exporters about e.g., country profile; food market segmentation; food market trends; consumer preferences; key challenges; import duties; import restrictions; key regulatory bodies; regulations specific; major industry events.
  • During a briefing on the first day, the consultations of Phaff Export Marketing explained more about the Dutch business culture and peculiarities of doing business with foreign markets.

All these activities were organized by Phaff Export Marketing.

B2B Networking

An important part of this food trade mission from Ukraine was the online B2B matchmaking.

To know what the preferences of the Ukrainian exporters are, the Phaff Export Marketing-consultants conducted online interviews with the exporters. In this way, the consultants are aware of what kind of companies the exporters would like to meet and what their preferences are.

Phaff Export Marketing made a qualitative selection of potential partners to be invited to the meetings. After the selection Phaff Exporter Marketing started with scheduling appointments with the Dutch importers, businesses, and supermarket representatives within the territory of the Netherlands.

Companies food trade mission

The food companies from Ukraine that joined this trade mission are:

Find the online profiles of the delegation by clicking on the links above!

More information

Are you a Dutch company and interested to meet one of the above-mentioned companies? Please contact Anouk Dijkgraaf ( for more information and to see if we can do something for you.