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Holland pavilion at TSW Fruit and Vegetable Industry Fair, Warsaw 2019

Phaff Export Marketing successfully realized a Holland Pavilion at the TSW fruit and vegetable fair in Warshaw.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality in collaboration with the Agriculture Council of the Dutch Embassy in Warsaw, intend to realize a ?Holland pavilion at the TSW Fruit & Vegetable Industry Fair horticultural trade fair on 9 and 10 January 2019 in Warsaw (Poland). Dutch horticulture companies were invited to participate in this pavilion.

TSW Fruit and Vegetable Industry Fair is a recurring horticultural trade fair organized for the 9th time, just 30 minutes from the most important and largest orchard region in Poland (Grójec & Warka). TSW is the largest fruit and vegetable trade fair in Central and Eastern Europe and offers visitors innovative, up-to-date knowledge and professional insights into the horticultural sector.

The Netherlands realized a pavilion of 112 m2 with a business lounge and the possibility for 10 companies to participate with a mini stand of 6 m2 or a large stand of 12 m2.

Keywords: Fair participation, Holland Pavilion, Fruit&Vegetable Industry, TSW, Poland