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In-Store Promotion Spain for SUSTA

Phaff Export Marketing organizes an In-Store Promotion for SUSTA. This In-Store Promotion will take place in 17 shops in Spain.

For the Southern United States Trade Association (SUSTA), Phaff Export Marketing is organizing an In-Store Promotion. This In-Store Promotion takes place in 17 shops in Spain. The name of this activity is "Sabores Sureños, USA - Viajar por los sentidos con los nuevos productos de los estados del sur de USA." Which means: Southern Tastes USA - Travel by the sense with these new products from the Southern United States.

In these 17 shops, several products out of the South of America will be promoted. The duration of this promotion will be more than one month.

The stores are located in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Sevilla, Zaragoza and León.

With this In-Store Promotion, we will increase the awareness of Southern US food products on the Spanish market, secure shelf space for new products from the SUSTA region and generate sales results, and creating a long term demand for specialty food products from the SUSTA region.

Are you interested in this visiting one of the shops to see the In-Store Promotion or if you have any questions about the In-Store Promotion, please contact Anouk Dijkgraaf.