Together with a local partner, Phaff Export Marketing will realize an in-store promotion of US food in Sweden. This in-store promotion will take place in August 2021, in stores of one of the major retail chains in Sweden. This activity is commissioned by the Southern United States Trade Association (SUSTA).


SUSTA helps small to medium-sized companies with their first steps into new export markets. Together with the Departments of Agriculture of the 14 southern states and Puerto Rico, SUSTA promotes the export of high-value food and agricultural products.

Food market Sweden

With a population of just over 10 million people, Sweden is one of the EU's smaller national markets for food. Nevertheless, it is a high-income country and its per-capita GDP is among the highest in the world.

American products enjoy a favourable image and are known for high quality among Swedish consumers. Besides, Sweden is a sophisticated market featuring affluent, well-educated, and open-minded consumers. These advantages are the main reasons Phaff Export Marketing and SUSTA choose to realize this activity in Sweden.

With this activity, Phaff Export Marketing and SUSTA hope the Swedish consumers can enjoy the products that the SUSTA region has to offer.

Gray's American Stores

This in-store promotion for US food in Sweden will be realized in cooperation with a local partner. This local partner is Gray's American Stores. Grays's American Stores is supplying the Scandinavian market with all the favourite household brands of food and beverages from the US. Gray's American Stores is one of the leading import companies in American foods and supplying over 100 grocery stores and foodservice outlets in Scandinavia.

Promotion US food

This activity will be organized to promote US food products in Sweden. The aim is to increase awareness of Southern US food on the Swedish market, secure shelf space for new products from the SUSTA region, and generate sale results. Besides, the aim is to create long-term demand for food products from the SUSTA region.

This in-store promotion will include tastings and sampling events in stores across Denmark.

Besides, all included stores will get SUSTA branded shelves, to display the included US craft beers.

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