Phaff Export Marketing organized an inbound trade mission for the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) in the poultry sector. A delegation of 15 Moroccans traveled to the Netherlands. The delegation existed out of representatives of egg production companies.

The purpose of this trade mission was the improvement of the performance of the egg production sector in Morocco in a sustainable way, hereby focusing on the valorization of the output products such as waste (manure) and the laying hens at the end of their production cycle.

Poultry and egg production is a growing sector in Morocco, due to the increasing demand for poultry meat and egg products. This significant growth has led to an increasing integration and enlargement of egg production farms. As a side effect of the production increase, excessive production of manure and other by-products has come about. Many large farms are confronted with the problem of the accumulation of manure and waste that generates disposal and environmental problems. However, poultry manure offers many possibilities for valorization. The visits during the trade mission will contribute to the adoption by the local sector of environmentally and economically sustainable management solutions that would reduce the impacts of manure and waste. The Dutch experience in this field was the main reason to organize this trade mission to the Netherlands for this delegation.

"During this trade mission I obtained a new vision on how to deal with the main concerns of the Moroccan poultry sector". - Moroccan participant

Activities during this trade mission were:
- Visiting a Dutch egg-producing company and a poultry farm;
- A visit to an egg soring and egg packing company;
- Visit manure treatment or by-product treatment companies;
- A workshop;
- A session with knowledge institutes about the valorization of the output products;
- A network reception with the Moroccan participants and Dutch companies and organizations.

The Moroccan participants gained knowledge during this trade mission, which they can implement in their farms in Morocco.

"The program was of good quality, so I gained a lot of knowledge. I am sure I will be able to use this knowledge for my company in the future." - Moroccan participant

Do you have any questions about this trade mission? Please contact Anouk Dijkgraaf.