On behalf of SUSTA, Phaff Export Marketing will organize several instruction videos and webinars throughout the year. During these (live) webinars, we will give exporting companies more insights about the market, trends, opportunities, and challenges. We will discuss a different topic each webinar, such as entry strategy, labeling, different markets, etc.

Webinars are a perfect and easily accessible way to prepare (exporting) companies about a new market/event. Are you interested in organizing a webinar for your organization? Please send an email to let us know! We are able to customize every webinar based on your own preferences, wishes, and goal.

Goal of project: Educate the SUSTA companies and to ‘lead’ them through important subjects related to exporting to the EU.

Date of project: throughout 2019

The first webinar in 2019 was about the Scandinavian Market. Scandinavia is a region in Northern Europe that covers Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland. With 25 million inhabitants, it is not the largest market in Europe. BUT... these countries rely heavily on imports and offer great export opportunities for the U.S.! Learn more about this market by watching the video.