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Happy Monday: A great start for new 2021 plans!

Blue Monday... the "most depressing and listless day of the year". Outside it is cold, wet and dark (at least here in the Netherlands), the grind of everyday life awaits inside.  But while the winter cold is looming, the feeling may creep up: Pfff... how long are we going to stay in this COVID-19 misery? Will we be able to be present at a trade fair at all this year, a place that is buzzing with energy, where we can simply meet our relations again and enjoy a networking drink with a glass of wine in our hand...? We see 2021 as the start of a new, more positive time.

A great start!

Because Blue Monday is actually fake news, a hoax! A long time ago, a travel agency asked a scientist to create a day like this. Goal: to sell more trips.

So, today is the perfect opportunity to give this day a positive spin and look ahead to what 2021 can bring. Where December is the month to reflect, January is the month par excellence to make plans and start doing things!

For example:

  • Look for new export countries and export partners, do research and deepen your knowledge;
  • Run your export business remotely. Ramp up your communication with export markets;
  • Join current export events; digital matchmaking and other (innovative) events to meet new business relations;
  • Invest in your network, meet and catch up! Make sure you are doing everything you can to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on your exports and your export plans.

We will not be fooled by a bribed scientist! What are your export-plans this year? It is important to remember that the pandemic will not last forever. Any steps you take today will ultimately help you be more collaborative and productive overall - and better prepared for any future business challenges.

Our plans?

We restarted our creative brain in 2021 and are seizing new opportunities. We are developing new possibilities and are working together with our clients to create tailor-made Export Marketing solutions, to support trade within the Food & Agribusiness.

Curious about what we can do for you? Brainstorm and inspire each other? Looking for new possibilities to stimulate trade and matchmaking? Let's drink a virtual cup of coffee together!

Happy Blue Monday!